Writer’s Do the Blocking


Anna Lucia Arguello, Staff Writer

The long-awaited Game of Thrones prequel, Hedge Night, has halted production, along with many other shows. From Bunk’d to Daredevil, the Writers’ Guild Strike has affected all areas of media. Their chief complaint is the lack of regulation around generative AI and the potential for it to alter human creativity or replace it altogether. While AI capabilities may not be that sophisticated now, it could be in three years when screenwriters will next be able to negotiate their contracts. Now was the time to take a stand. 

Screenwriters are not alone in their concerns. Artists were at the forefront of AI skepticism, joined later by lawyers, copywriters, and computer programmers. Even doctors found themselves facing off against technology at one point. The difference is that doctors had enough prestige and legislative power to convince the state that medicine required a human touch. Writers have been adamant about the same point with more limited legislative success. However, they do have a labor union which helps them operate as a unit. The strike is effective because a vast majority of Hollywood writers are participating and making the effects felt across the nation. Some of the most popular shows in America are being halted, and the public is finding out why. Generative AI is now a relevant issue. In fact, Geoffrey Hinton, the ’Godfather of AI’, recently left Google to speak more freely on issues related to AI without needing to protect Google’s reputation. While he believes Google has handled artificial intelligence responsibly, he’s also concerned at the speed that it’s learning and developing. He shares others’ concerns about job security, but he also worries about the rapid spread of misinformation via AI generated pictures or text. He’s not the only one in the tech world to hold these opinions. Recently, six influential figures signed a letter aiming to pause AI development for six months to allow for more legislation. However, no significant action was taken. AI is powerful and has the potential to change society for the better, but without necessary legislation, many fear how it could change society for the worse.